If you’re searching for the “Best Subs in Grand Rapids”, we’ve got you covered!

For us (Daniele and Davide Uccello), The Italian sub was the first meal we learned to make. And that passion for eating them has carried on to us wanting to share the best subs in Grand Rapids at Flo’s Pizzeria with everyone. It is one of the most versatile, and delicious foods we know, with many choices to satisfy every taste, dietary restriction, at any time of day. We are the sub-making professionals. Incorporating the best fundamental principles and best practices of sub-construction, we’ve put an incredible amount of thought and effort in to making sure we have sourced the very best ingredients. This has led to perfecting this lunchtime, or any time, staple, with expert choices for each and every one.

The start to making the best sub in Grand Rapids begins with great bread. Perfectly baked every time, the tasty base for any sub. “Every great sub starts with great bread! It needs to be good enough to be eaten by itself”.

The next step is picking out the perfect condiments. The amazing flavours, that complement the main ingredients, comes from our experience of combining your requests.

Best subs in grand rapids | Pizzeria
Best subs in grand rapids Michigan- Pizzeria

After great bread and condiments, you can’t have the best subs Michigan without fresh vegetables. But it’s not just about buying fresh, it’s also making sure they are the most flavorful ingredients available. By combining our personally sourced vegetables we add flavour, colour, and contrast to an otherwise simple sub.

Next, you can’t build the best subs in Grand Rapids without the sweet and/or savoury flavours added by our perfectly cut deli meats. Subs Grand Rapids, if it’s what you are craving, would not be complete without them.

Finally, the cheese. To finish the best subs in Grand Rapids, a sub’s flavour can be driven home by the personally chosen cheesy goodness!

“The best sub in Grand Rapids is the one you like best”

So, experiment with our wide variety of subs or build your own. All our amazing subs are served with chips and a pickle, but you can always substitute fries or a salad.

Every one of us at the Flo’s Pizzeria family thanks you and looks forward to sharing our creations with you!

Best subs in grand rapids Michigan- Pizzeria
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