If you’re looking for pizza on Plainfield Ave, Flo’s Pizzeria is the place you need to go. Here you can enjoy some of the most authentic pizza Plainfield Ave has to offer. Why settle for less when you can have hot, delicious pizza straight out of the oven from the establishment of Dan and Davide Uccello? Davide and Dan Uccello have been awarded several times the best pizza in America, Michigan, and Grand Rapids! This is all available to you with pizza on Plainfield Ave.
pizza on Plainfield ave- Pizzeria
pizza Plainfield ave- Pizzeria


If you’re looking for a menu, simply click here to check out what we have to offer. Flo’s offers thick crust, hand-tossed pizza, and even cauliflower crust for those who enjoy a low-carb offering. These come in 9-, 12-, and 14-inch size pizzas.

pizza Plainfield ave- Pizzeria


If you’re looking to create your own pizza you can choose your sauce which includes Flo’s own pizza sauce, margherita, pesto, BBQ, garlic butter and alfredo. You can choose your own cheese such as shredded mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, fresh mozzarella, Colby and Asiago Daiya vegan dairy free cheese! We won’t list all the toppings because there’s so many but of course we have the classics such as ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, meatballs, chicken, capicola and much more. You can also custom flavor your crust! You can add garlic butter, parmesan, Flotastic Cajun, butter, red pepper, and Italian herb! And now for the final piece you can also add a drizzler. This is a sauce that is drizzled over the top of your pizza, so you get a little bit of extra flavor with every bite. We’ve got sriracha, pineapple sriracha, buffalo ranch, ranch, balsamic glaze, BBQ, hot sauce and mild sauce.
pizza Plainfield ave- Pizzeria
pizza on Plainfield ave- Pizzeria


Now if you’re not looking to create your own or you want to try out what Flo’s specialty award winning pizzas taste like… we’ve got you covered there as well.

We’ve got Flo’s Signature Pizza, Maui Wowie!, Vegetale, LA BAR-B-Q, Buffalo, Incredi-BLT, Deluxe, Aloha Pizza, Mac & Cheese Pizza, Lorenzo Supreme, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Rustica, Campagnolo, Margherita and Vegano. We’ve got you covered.

We of course recommend starting with Flo’s Signature Pizza which is loaded with pepperoni, spicy capicola, ham, sausage, meatballs and bacon. Served on our award-winning thick crust with garlic butter and parmesan cheese. It’s hard to go wrong with this pizza on Plainfield Ave.

Now some people say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza… but we are not one of those! All pizza is accepted at Flo’s. Our Maui Wowie! Is one of our best-selling takes, with Hawaiian marinated chicken, ham, candied bacon and pineapple with premium mozzarella cheese and our award-winning pizza sauce served on our award-winning hand tossed crust. It is then drizzled with pineapple sriracha sauce and sprinkled with coconut flakes. This is one you really must try before you tell us that pineapple isn’t meant to be on pizza!

If you’re looking for something a little different with your pizza on Plainfield Ave, you can try out our stromboli’s. Choose any 3 items from the pizza toppings added to our famous pizza pocket with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. The same great pizza, toppings and sauces in a different form factor. Great for an on the go snack!

Whatever type of pizza you choose whether it’s pepperoni or pineapple, you can be certain it is made with care and meticulous attention to detail in every ingredient. That much we can promise. Give us a call or stop by and try it for yourself – you’ll love it!

pizza on Plainfield ave- Pizzeria
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